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  • Watching: Bryan Starz interviews!! :D
The girl you just called fat, she is overdosing on diet pills. 
The girl you just called ugly, she spends hours putting makeup,hoping someone will like her. 
The boy you just tripped, he gets abused enough at home. The man with the ugly scars, he fought for our country. 
The boy you made fun of for crying, his mother is dying. Re-post this if you are against bullying.
I bet 95% of you wont re-post this but the ones with heart and backbone will.
               Created by ~UnderAbigailsRose


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United States
I'm awesome. I :iconheart3dplz: MUSIC. And drawing is a passionate hobby of mine!!
Some really cool artists are some of my BEST DA FRIENDS! :D So check 'em out! Cause their art is really cool!! :iconadorableplz:
~Mindosiala123 :iconmindosiala123: Harley Quinn by mindosiala123 Chibi bvb animal candy by mindosiala123
~Sk3tcht4rd :iconsk3tcht4rd: Like stealing candy from a baby by sk3tcht4rd Art trade 1 by gsketchyl
~A7XFan666 :icona7xfan666: Roses by A7XFan666 :thumb282768074:
~Kagoe :iconkagoe: :Legion of the Black: by Kagoe BAD BLOOD by Kagoe
~AshleyPurdyForEver :iconashleypurdyforever: :thumb388492753: :thumb381979785:
•Real Paramore fans-Know RIOT! is the best album.
•Real Paramore fans-Know who the only original member is.
•Real Paramore fans-Know who was in the band before.
•Real Paramore fans-Know who's married.
•Real Paramore fans-Know what "The Symbol" stands for.
•Real Paramore fans-Should have this om their status.

•Real MCR fans-Know what MCR stands for.
•Real MCR fans-Know why Gerard doesn't have tattoos or piercings.
•Real MCR fans-Know who's married.
•Real MCR fans-Know the name of Gerard's comic books.
•Real MCR fans-Know who's related in the band.
•Real MCR fans-Know why Bob was kicked out.
•Real MCR fans-Know how long the band has been around.
•Real MCR fans-Know what Frerard is.
•Real MCR fans-Know the fan base is called the MCRmy.
•Real MCR fans-Should have this on their status.

•Real BOTDF fans-Know what BOTDF stands for.
•Real BOTDF fans-Know Dahvie's and Jayy's sexual preference.
•Real BOTDF fans-Know why Garrett was kicked out of the band.
•Real BOTDF fans-Know and love Sally, Hayley, and Andrew.
•Real BOTDF fans-Have drawn two stripes "//" for Unity on them without being told.
•Real BOTDF fans-Know about Jahvie.
•Real BOTDF fans-Know that Jayy and Dahvie are boys.
•Real BOTDF fans-Should have this on their status.

•Real BVB fans- know what BVB stands for
•Real BVB fans- don’t like the band just because of Andy
•Real BVB fans- know who the only original member of the band is
•Real BVB fans- know more songs than knives and pens
•Real BVB fans- think Chance and Andy never gets old
•Real BVB fans- know every band members name and what they do
•Real BVB fans- know that Ashley Purdy is a GUY
•Real BVB fans- have made “never give in” their motto
•Real BVB fans- know who smokes in the band, and who doesn’t
•Real BVB fans- have worn their makeup like Andy’s on a normal day
•Real BVB fans- would vote for Lightning Thunderstein if he ran for president
•Real BVB fans- know that it is now Biersack not Six, 6 or Sixx
•Real BVB fans- have this on their page

❤ Andy ❤ Ashley ❤ Jake ❤ Jinxx ❤CC ❤BVB Army Soldier&Bridesmaid Forever!BVB ιs α Drug... & I'm Proud To Bε AddιctεdOur Flag: █BVB█ - Our Presidents: Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jeremy Ferguson, Christian Mora Coma, and Jacob Pitts. - Our language: Outcast - Our anthem: Fallen Angels - Population: The BVB Army - Our Country: Biersackland - Put this as your status if your a true member of the BVB Army

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